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  • EcoOnline Performance+ OKU Solar Pool Heater Panel - Auto System
  • OKU Solar Pool Heater System
  • EcoOnline Performance+ OKU Solar Pool Heater Panel - Manual System
  • Interconnect add-on panel

    OKU Interconnect Add-on Panel Kit

  • Dual header add-on panel

    OKU Dual Header Add-on Panel Kit

  • AquaSun2+ to AquaSun3+ Upgrade

    AquaSun2+ to AquaSun3+ Upgrade Request

  • AquaSun2+ to AquaSun3+ Upgrade
  • AquaSun3+ Controller
  • AquaSun2+ Controller
  • Ascon MS3D Controller
  • Davey Whisper 450W (Model 500)
  • Solar roof hook

    Solar Roof Hook

  • Vacuum Release Valve for Solar Pool Heating Systems
  • 40mm silicon joiner
  • OKU Expansion Joiner

  • OKU Pressure Gauge

  • OKU Panel Header Strap

  • Non-return 40mm UPVC Ball Valve  (Air Sealing)
  • 40mm silicon joiner
  • 40cm Drain Down Kit

    40cm Drain Down Kit

  • PoolMasterpro In-Line 40m PVC Stainer Replacement Cartridge
  • Ascon Roof Replacement Sensor
  • Ascon Replacement Pool Sensor
  • Dontek Replacement Roof Sensor
  • Dontek Replacement Pool Sensor
  • PoolMasterPro In-Line 40m PVC Stainer

    PoolMasterpro In-Line 40m PVC Stainer

  • Non-return 40mm PVC Flap Valve (Non-Air Sealing)
  • 3-Way 40mm PVC Ball Valve

    3-Way 40mm PVC Valve

  • 40mm Metric PVC Barb Adapter to 32mm PVC

    40mm PVC Barb Adapters for OKU Panels

  • OKU Dual replacement panel

    OKU Dual Header Replacement Panel ONLY

  • OKU Interconnect replacement panel

    OKU Interconnect Replacement Panel ONLY

  • Dual Interconnect Replacement Panel
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