Solar Pool Heating - Sizing Calculator

This interactive sizing calculator will help you size up a solar pool heating system and get an idea of system supply costs.

For a full quote please fill out your details on the second "Quote Details" tab and hit the green Submit button, we'll get back to you via email shortly.

If you want an accurate assessment of pool water temperatures, try our solar pool heating simulator/calculator. Just plug in the advice on system sizing you get from this calculator into the simulator to see if you're going to be happy with the season extension.

Note: use Google maps to approximate your collector compass facing direction; true North points up on the page.

* Use a time and area average, hence if half the pool is shaded for half the day, the setting should be 25%. As another example if 100% of the pool is shaded for half the day use a 50% setting.
§ This is the extension to your existing swimming season you can expect from solar alone. For example, for a 3 month extension you'll get the same average water temperature 1.5 months earlier on in the shoulder season.
† This is the anticipated total extension to your existing swimming season you can expect from solar and the specified use of a blanket.
‡ Please refer to our solar pool heating manuals on our download page for different types of plumbing arrangement. Note: manual systems are sized with 20% larger collectors to account for the fact that most people only use manual type systems over the weekend.

Surface Area of More Complex Pool Shapes

To work out the surface water area of odd shaped pools use the following trick:

  1. Measure the pool's edge to edge length.
  2. Draw an imaginary horizontal line cutting the top edge of the pool so that the dark blue shaded areas above the line are approximately equal to the red areas below the line. You can eyeball this quite accurately, then mark it.
  3. Now do the same for the bottom side, then finally measure the width distance between these two eyeballed lines.

kidney shape pool water surface area sizing

System Sizing Guarantee

Sizing systems is difficult involving a lot of factors which we could get wrong. We stand by this sizing calculator, however if your heating requirements are incorrectly sized and you are not happy with the results we feel that you shouldn’t be charged the extra shipping costs for extra HDPE panels should you require them. Hence EcoOnline offers the following System Sizing Guarantee: If you purchase a heating system and you took our calculators advice on panel sizing and you aren’t happy with the system's performance, then you can purchase up to 25% more panels originally supplied by EcoOnline up to two years after your original purchase and we will ship the items free of shipping charges.

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