Pump Sizing Calculator for Performance+TM Systems

This calculator will help you size up a conventional mains pump for your independent or booster/retro Performance+TM solar pool heating system. You can use this calculator to simulate various pump sizing choices and their respective effects on collector efficiencies and energy savings.

For our PoolMasterproTM PVC strip systems please use the pump sizing calculator here.

† Note: this calculator sizes pumps for independent (or booster) systems only, manual systems don't have a choice on pump power as they are run using the main filter pump which is sized to the pool's volume.
** Include all pipe runs from the pool and to the roof and back again.
§ If electrical energy usage is your priory, choose a low flow rate, the collector efficiency loss can be compensated for with a larger collector.
‡ Daily pool water turnovers less than 50% will require you to run your filter pump in the afternoon to help mix the warm water deeper into your pool. Turnover rates and flow rates greater than 250% and 12L/min/m² are not only a waste of electricity but may over-pressurize panels.
¥ Calculated using a 6 month season, 6 hours per day running time and 22.5c/kWh.

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