Mission Statement

Core Beliefs

EcoOnline.com.au strongly believes urgent action is required on climate change and peak oil (oil depletion), and that the only valid solution lies in sharply reducing our fossil fuel use through the promotion and mass adoption of energy saving innovations. This solution addresses not only climate change and oil depletion but also rising ocean acidification. However, we also believe that most people base their buying decisions primarily on economic factors, as such we believe the only way these issues will be substantially addressed is by providing consumers with an economically persuasive as well as environmentally persuasive choice. Only by making eco products the more economical choice can we actually make a big difference.

Our Approach and Aims

True to the above core beliefs EcoOnline aims to evaluate, develop and promote only the greenest of green products with the lowest upfront costs and fastest payback times, so that when people buy from EcoOnline.com.au they can be confident that the product is guaranteed to not only substantially reduce their carbon footprint but also pay for itself in no time. To this end EcoOnline is set up with the lowest possible overheads to supply the public with the highest quality eco products at the lowest possible price, typically direct from manufacturer.

We have a very small advertising budget, if you believe in our core mission and our approach please help us by spreading the word to your friends :

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