Pump Sizing Calculator for PoolMasterproTM Systems

This calculator will help you size up a conventional mains pump for your independent or booster/retro PoolMasterproTM solar pool heater.

For our Performance+TM PVC strip systems please use the pump sizing calculator here.

† Note: this calculator sizes pumps for independent (or booster) systems only, manual systems don't have a choice on pump power as they are run using the main filter pump which is sized to the pool's volume.
* Doubling your manifolds can half your strip run and significantly reduce the pressure drop across the collector array. Such systems have no strip loops - instead they have manifolds at each end of the collector array.
** Include all pipe runs from the pool and to the roof and back again.
§ If electrical energy usage is your priory, choose a low flow rate, the collector efficiency loss can be compensated for with a larger collector.
‡ Daily pool water turnovers less than 50% will require you to run your filter pump in the afternoon to help mix the warm water deeper into your pool. Turnover rates and flow rates greater than 200% and 5L/min/m² for full length 25m tube runs are not only a waste of electricity but may over-pressurize tubes. Double manifold systems (with 12.5m tube runs) on the other hand can easily run at such volume turnover rates using a lower power pump without over-pressurizing the tubes.
¥ Calculated using a 6 month season, 6 hours per day running time and 22.5c/kWh.

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