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Optex Solar Pty. Ltd. is an innovative Australian based start-up company which was founded in late 2007 to develop revolutionary clean energy innovations. EcoOnline.com.au was set up to market, promote and sell new and existing eco-innovations which it deems to provide the highest energy savings per dollar for the consumer. While still technically a "for-profit" company, EcoOnline’s environmental focus mean it's more centred around promoting the eco-solution at the lowest possible cost to the consumer.

Our History

In 2007 the founder Gregory Grochola invented and patented a revolutionary seasonally biased solar hot water collector for residential hot water and home heating. In late 2007 Optex Solar Pty. Ltd. won a comet grant to explore the commercialization potential of the collector.

While theoretically sound the timing was terrible; the invention would have gone head to head against cheap Chinese PV panels, which were getting not only Australian government grants/rebates but also Chinese government PV industry development subsidies. As hard as it was to abandon the idea, was the right business decision at the time, however, the founder went on to found Optex Solar Pty. Ltd.

About Gregory Grochola - Main Author of EcoOnline.com.au

Gregory Grochola did his undergraduate studies at Monash University and holds a PhD in theoretical physics from RMIT University, and has worked in the fields of quantum physics, statistical thermodynamics and molecular dynamics simulation. He has written over 20 publications and is a contributing author in over 35 works. A background that has left him in good stead to develop eco-innovations.

Gregory is a passionate advocate for all things involving: environmental care, climate change and solar energy and has worked tirelessly over the last 10 years promoting and enhancing solar energy products.

EcoOnline was started with the idea that the only way we are going to make a difference in helping consumers make the right product choice is to make sure the eco-solution has the lowest possible cost.

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