If you have not done so already, start with our interactive pool heating system sizing calculator to get an idea of your collector area requirements. Listed below are differently sized Automatic Systems for independent type plumbing arrangements (click here if you don't know about different plumbing arrangement). If you get stuck, you can even submit the calculator and we'll get all the details. We're here to help, we love to help - just email us :)

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Product Listings

  • PoolMasterpro PVC Strip Solar Pool Heating System - Automatic Kit
  • PMP Pressure Gauge

  • Premium Quality 4sqm PoolMasterpro Add-on Tube Kit
  • AquaSun2+ to AquaSun3+ Upgrade

    AquaSun2+ to AquaSun3+ Upgrade Request

  • AquaSun2+ to AquaSun3+ Upgrade
  • Davey Whisper 450W (Model 500)
  • PMP Silicon Spray

  • Vacuum Release Valve for Solar Pool Heating Systems
  • 40cm Drain Down Kit

    40cm Drain Down Kit

  • 14 Barb 6mm PVC Tube Repair Kit

    14 Barb 6mm PVC Tube Repair Kit

  • PoolMasterpro In-Line 40m PVC Stainer Replacement Cartridge
  • 14 Tube Manifold
  • PoolMasterPro In-Line 40m PVC Stainer

    PoolMasterpro In-Line 40m PVC Stainer

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