Solar Pool Heater Parts

EcoOnline offers various solar pool heater parts, mainly for our pool heating systems, however some parts are universal. For each class of component and description of each part, see part specific link tabs above.

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Product Listings

  • Interconnect add-on panel

    OKU Interconnect Add-on Panel Kit

  • Dual header add-on panel

    OKU Dual Header Add-on Panel Kit

  • AquaSun3+ Controller
  • AquaSun2+ Controller
  • Ascon MS3D Controller
  • Davey Whisper 450W (Model 500)
  • Vacuum Release Valve for Solar Pool Heating Systems
  • 40mm silicon joiner
  • Non-return 40mm UPVC Ball Valve  (Air Sealing)
  • 40mm silicon joiner
  • 40cm Drain Down Kit

    40cm Drain Down Kit

  • 14 Barb 6mm PVC Tube Repair Kit

    14 Barb 6mm PVC Tube Repair Kit

  • PoolMasterpro In-Line 40m PVC Stainer Replacement Cartridge
  • Ascon Roof Replacement Sensor
  • Ascon Replacement Pool Sensor
  • Dontek Replacement Roof Sensor
  • Dontek Replacement Pool Sensor
  • 14 Tube Manifold
  • PoolMasterPro In-Line 40m PVC Stainer

    PoolMasterpro In-Line 40m PVC Stainer

  • Non-return 40mm PVC Flap Valve (Non-Air Sealing)
  • 3-Way 40mm PVC Ball Valve

    3-Way 40mm PVC Valve

  • 40mm Metric PVC Barb Adapter to 32mm PVC

    40mm PVC Barb Adapters for OKU Panels

  • OKU Dual replacement panel

    OKU Dual Header Replacement Panel ONLY

  • OKU Interconnect replacement panel

    OKU Interconnect Replacement Panel ONLY

  • Dual Interconnect Replacement Panel
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