Solar Pool Heating Controllers

Solar pool heating controller

There are many different types of solar pool heating controllers depending on the plumbing system configurations (see below). EcoOnline can supply them all (as a special back order) but we only keep in stock controllers used for setting up an independent solar pool heating system.

Basics of a Solar Pool Heating Controller

The main task of a solar controller is to compare and monitor the roof and pool water temperature - to determine if there is heat to be gain by pumping water up to the roof through the collectors. The second main task is of course to switch the heating system off if the pool is up to temperature.

More sophisticated controllers have battery back up and timer functions that prevent early starts if the solar pump is outside a bedroom window. Some controllers can also have a special mode for peak summer which will cool a pool if it gets too hot (mainly used for up North Australian areas). Other functions of full featured controllers include freezing protection to prevent collectors from freezing over in frost prone areas, as some collectors are susceptible to damage from having water freeze inside them if there is no way to full drain the system.

System Plumbing Options

There are two main class of solar pool heating systems - Independent Systems which are completely independent of the main filter lines and systems that tee the solar into the main filter system.

Independent Systems are the most common and recommend, see definitions below or manual. These systems run a small independent pump, typically for 8 hours per day and are actually more energy efficient than systems running through the main filter pump which have to run the large filter pump for 8 hours per day just to pump the solar side. All the listings shown below are for independent type systems. Independent systems require separate solar suction and return lines, whereas for older pool these might not have been installed.

The other main class tee the solar into your existing filter system to divert water to your roof. There are a few configurations that you could have, see below or manual. These types of systems require  specialized controllers, for example a Booster/Retro Fit System (requires an AquaSmart 5 FS or CD controller) or the Motorized Ball Valve System (requires AquaSmart 5 AV controller), please contact us at EcoOnline for a special order.

Independent solar pool heating plumbing configuration
manual or motorized ball valve plumbing configuration
integrated Independent plumbing configuration
booster retrofit plumbing configuration

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