AquaSun3+ Automatic Pool Heating Controller by Dontek

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What's Included in This Listing

  • PoolMasterproTM 3 Controller Unit (AquaSun3+ revision)
  • 2.5m Pool sensor wire
  • 20m Roof sensor wire
  • Mounting screws and grommet
  • Black adhesive silicon (for roof sensor)
  • 10 x cable ties (for wire to pipe attachment)
  • User and install instructions
  • 3 Year Warranty

Dontek AquaSun3 Controller Specifications

  • Sophisticated pump control combined with simple user operation
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable temperature differential
  • Setting are retained after a power outage
  • Automatic, manual timer, winter and tropical modes
  • Self-diagnostic system
  • Anti-freeze function
  • Heavy duty 40Amp contacts
  • Marine grade UV sensor cable
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Australian Made by Dontek
For more information the manual can be downloaded from our EcoOnline download page.


EcoOnlineTM offers the following Warranties on system components:

  • 3 year Dontek controller warranty

See Terms and Conditions page for further details.

PoolMasterproTM 3 Controller for Solar Pool Heating Systems

The PoolMasterproTM 3 is an automatic digital solar controller with temperature adjustment, with automatic, manual timer, winter and tropical modes with battery back up clock timer function and many more extra features. The adjustable temperature differential on this controller means it will suit most unglazed (non-glass covered) solar pool heating collectors.This controller is used for setting up and an independent type solar pool heating system controlling a dedicated solar pump. Comes with pool and roof sensor.

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Poolmastepro Dontek AquaSun3 Solar pool heating controller

Independent System Controller Comparison

Functions / Features
 PoolMasterproTM 2
 Ascon MS3D
 PoolMasterproTM 3
 Temperature Based Control
Winter Mode
Australian Made
Retains Settings (after outage)
Tropical Mode

 Battery Back Up (for clock)
Clock/Timer Function

Collector Freeze Protection

Adjustable Temp Differential
On site Warranty

* Tropical Mode will not function on this unit in Queensland Tariff 33, as it does not have clock and battery backup to retain settings after outage.

System Plumbing Options

This controller is used for setting up an independent solar pool heat system controlling a dedicated solar pool pump. We always recommend Independent Systems, see definitions below or manual. These systems run a small independent pump, typically for 8 hours per day and are actually more energy efficient than systems running through the main filter pump which have to run the large filter pump for 8 hours per day just to pump the solar side. Of course independent systems require separate solar suction and return lines, whereas for older pool these might not have been installed. If that's the case you'll need to go with a plumbing configuration that taps into your existing filter return line to divert water to your roof. There are a few configurations that can be chosen, see below or manual. Most people that do not have independent solar suction and return ports will choose a Manual/Timer System and place the main filter pump on a timer to run during the warmest part of the day. These manual systems can be automated down the track.

If you need to set up a specialized system like for a Booster/Retro Fit System (requires AquaSmart 5 FS or CD controller) or the Motorized Ball Valve System (requires AquaSmart 5 AV controller), please contact us at EcoOnline.

Independent solar pool heating plumbing configuration
manual or motorized ball valve plumbing configuration
integrated Independent plumbing configuration
booster retrofit plumbing configuration

Requirements and Product Limitation

  • This controller is used for setting up an independent solar pool heat system controlling a dedicated solar pool pump. Note: type of system requires independent solar lines running into your pool. Non-independent type systems such as a booster type system or systems running through the filter pump will require a different controller.
  • This controller comes with a 20meter wire for the roof sensor, please request a longer wire if required (ask for stock levels).
  • Requires 14.5mm PVC pipe hole size for rubber grommet.

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