Overstocked on Pumps Sale - ENDING 25 Oct 2019

Hey fellow DIYers, we're running a 1 week ONLY, free solar pool pump promotion sale for any solar pool heating system over $2K.

So if your misses is jumping up and down (and/or in and straight out of the pool) because it's too cold now is the time to get it installed!

For a general guide on solar pool heaters see — https://www.ecoonline.com.au/solar-pool-heater/
If you decided on the OKU solar pool heating panels see — https://www.ecoonline.com.au/solar-pool-heater-panels/
If you decided on the PVC solar pool heating mats — here https://www.ecoonline.com.au/solar-pool-heating-mats/

To size your system use this calculator — https://www.ecoonline.com.au/pool-heating-sizing-calculator/

Just put the system and chosen pump into your cart then click these coupon links to get the pump free:

For the Davey pump — https://www.ecoonline.com.au/cart.php?coupon=Q1PB5H895I841
For the Reltech pump — https://www.ecoonline.com.au/cart.php?coupon=IS48U9732RMG

and before you jump up and down saying I don't need a pump… for you guys we can do a free solar pool heating controller

Just use this link with any automatic system in your cart to knock $375 off the price:


If you want to check out our reviews see here — https://www.google.com/shopping/ratings/account/metrics?q=ec...

any questions please email us

Lastly, if you're not quite ready to install your system yet... follow us on your favorite social media app:


We'll be posting deals there from time to time, as well as advice and tips on how to run a warmer pool, competitions and a lot more...

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