ChargeMaster Regulator - 20W Watt Solar Panel Battery Charging Charger Kit

ChMstr 20W Kit
4.00 KGS
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What's including in This Listing

  • 1 x 10Amp ChargeMasterPRO regulator (1RW/10Amp/24V)
  • 1 x 20W Solar Panel (Motech cells) with,
  • 1 x 6m 2.08mm² twin core solar wire with,
  • 1 x Quick lock waterproof connector.
  • 1 x 1.5m 2.08mm² twin core battery wire with,
  • 1 x Anderson and alligator battery clip set with,
  • 1 x In-line silicon/ceramic fuse holder &15Amp fuse.
  • 1 x Spare Anderson connector set
  • 1 x EcoOnlineTM Install Manual
  • Warranty from an Australian Company
  • Unlimited tech support

Charging Regulator Features

  • High efficiency charging
  • Fully automatic
  • Charges Lead Acid Gel, Sealed (AGM) or Flooded batteries
  • Programmable low voltage cutoff (for load connection usage)
  • Battery voltage state LED indication
  • Temperature compensation
  • 12V/24V auto sensing
  • Night Timer function
  • Complete electric protection - Overheating /Over discharging / Over charging / Load overload / Load short circuit / PV short circuit / PV reverse polarity / Battery reverse polarity
  • IP67 waterproof aluminium enclosure

Motech PV Cells Feature

  • Long-term reliability
  • Performance in low light
  • Performance at high temperatures
  • Low Light-Induced Degradation
  • Environmental compliance
See Motech website and Cell Brochure for more details.

PV Panels Feature

  • Hail resistant toughened glass
  • Heavy-duty anodized aluminium frame
  • Junction box
  • Certification to strict European standards IEC61215, IEC 61730 and CE mark
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards


EcoOnlineTM offers the following Warranties:
  • 3 Year Regulator Warranty
  • 20 year return to base Warranty on all MOTECH cell solar PV panels
See Terms and Conditions page for further details.
Chargemaster regulator features
Chargemaster components

20W ChargeMasterPRO Base Kit (12V/24V)

Charge Master pro

EcoOnline is proud to offer this versatile solar charging kit. Includes a ChargeMasterPRO regulator with a complete list of electronic self-protection functions, a PV solar panel featuring premium quality brand name cells by MOTECH Industries with a 6 meter solar wire and snap lock waterproof connector, a 1.5 meter battery wire with standard Anderson connectors, alligator battery clamps and an integrated fuse kit, and a comprehensive EcoOnline safety, information and installation manual.

* While any two differently sized ChargeMaster kits can be used to charge one battery, only two identical panels can be connected to ONE ChargeMaster regulator via our parallel connector or an in series 24V connector. Swapping/Adding/Exchanging/Upgrading of course requires the purchase of extra panel(s) and/or ChargeMaster kit(s) and parallel/in-series connectors.

Maximum Kit Versatility

Charge Master pro

The ChargeMasterPRO series of compatible pre wired** components is designed for maximum flexibility, upgrade ability and convenience in charging any Lead Acid, Sealed (AGM), Flooded or Gel battery. You can use the regulator with larger portable, or vehicle mountedpanel during a camping trip, then connect the regulator to a smaller externally mounted panel (sold separately) for battery storage / top up. If you find you need more power on your camping trips you can upgrade the kit later by purchasing a second ChargeMaster panel with compatible wire and parallel connector, or if you need even more power you can use two different ChargeMaster kits on the one battery, up to 240W power at 12Vor 480W at 24V. See installation manual for configuration details -EcoOnlineTM Install Manual.

**Note, use of the regulators load function (see manual) will require the connection of the spare Anderson connector to your load wiring.

Safety Requirements and Product Limitation Considerations

  • Only use 12V “nominal” (36 cell) solar panels with this regulator. Or 72 cell panel(s) for a 24V system.
  • EcoOnline recommends solar panel wattages and connected loads should not exceed: 120W solar power (at STC for a 12V system) or 7.5Amp continuous load for the 10Amp regulator.
  • This regulator is to be used for charging Sealed, Gel or Flooded Lead-Acid type batteries only. Not to be used for charging any other battery chemistries.
  • Check that the maximum current produced by the chosen solar panel(s) array can never exceed the maximum allowable charging current for the battery being charged.
  • Never exceed the rated Ampacity (amp rating) of a wire. Keep in mind that low voltage / high current wires situated in highly insulated environments cannot dissipate heat and will have a much lower Ampacity.

For Novices - Setting up a Solar Battery Charging System

Want to start playing with solar? Please note a solar charging system must be sized right, for efficiency, reliability and safety. For your convenience we have created the following online interactive calculators to help you build the perfect set up the first time around:

  1. Solar Panel Sizing Calculator (this will help you understand the factors involved in sizing solar panels)
  2. Solar Regulator Calculator (this will help you understand the factors involved in sizing a regulator)
  3. Solar Wire Sizing Calculator (this will help you understand the factors involved in sizing wires gauges)

Shipping Cost & ETA Estimate

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