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Savings Calculator for PoolMasterpro

Pump Sizing & Savings Calculator for PoolMasterpro™ Pool Heating Systems

This interactive pump sizing calculator will help you size up a conventional mains pump for your independent PoolMasterpro™ solar pool heating system. eFLOW-balance is the design principle of choosing a smaller a mains solar pump to achieve exponential energy savings. If you would like to set up an eFLOW-balance system you can use this calculator to simulate various pump sizing choices and their respective effects on collector efficiencies and energy savings.

For our EcoOnline Performance+ OKU systems please use the pump sizing calculator here.

* You may want to consider doubling up on your manifold count, hence instead of full 25m strip runs you may choose to have manifolds at both ends, in this case your flow rates and pool turnover will improve without the need to increase pump power.

† Note: this calculator sizes pumps for independent (or booster) systems only, manual systems don't have a choice on pump power as they are run using the main filter pump which is sized to the pools volume.

‡ Daily pool water turnovers less than 50% will require you to run your filter pump in the afternoon to help mix the warm water deeper into your pool. Turnover rates can be improved by doubling up on your manifold count. Turnover rates and flow rates greater than 150% and 5L/min/m² respectively are simply a waist of electricity and will limit the energy savings possible.