Pump Sizing & Savings Calculator for PoolMasterpro™ System    
    Your System Details    
    Type of solar pool heating system:    
    Size of PVC strip collector area:     
    Size of pools surface area:    
    Manifold to manifold strip loop length (5-25m):*    
    Pump height - from waterline to collectors:    
    Total PVC pipe run from pool to collector and back:**    
    PVC pipe size - from pool to roof:    
    Average depth of pool:    
    Approximated volume of pool water:    
    Compare to Which Industry Standard System?    
    Number of tubes per 160mm strip width:    
    Constrain L/min/m² flow to:    
    (installers typically use 5 L/min/m²)    
    Simulated Results - Compared System Specs    
    PoolMasterpro Tube System   Equivalent PVC Tube System    
    Collector water flow rate (L/min/m²):§    
    Simulated system flow rate (L/min)    
    Pools daily volume turnover:‡    
    Simulated collector Heat Removal Factor:    
    Reduced collector efficiency due to lower system flow rates:    
    (try not to go below a 10% loss)    
    Pressure drop from pump head height:    
    Pressure drop from pool to collector pipe run:    
    Pressure drop from collector strip array:    
    Total system pressure drop:    
     Compare Savings as a Simple Result of Choosing a Lower Power Pump   .
    Power pump saved from low flow pump choice:    
    Extra collector area needed to make up for reduced efficiency:    
    Upfront cost of extra collector is say $50/m2 - so say in total:    
    Simulated power savings over 15 years after extra upfront collector costs:¥    
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