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Solar Pool Heating - Sizing Calculator

This interactive sizing calculator will help you size up a conventional mains pump powered solar pool heating system for an outdoor or indoor swimming pool.

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Note: use Google maps to approximate your collector compass facing direction.

§ This is the extension to your existing swimming season you can expect from solar alone.

† This is the anticipated total extension to your existing swimming season you can expect from solar and the specified use of a blanket.

‡ Please refer to solar pool heating manuals on our download page for system types.

System Sizing Guarantee

Sizing systems is difficult involving a lot of factors which we could get wrong. We stand by this sizing calculator, however if your heating requirements are incorrectly sized and you are not happy with the results we feel that you shouldn’t be charged the extra shipping costs for extra HDPE panels should you require them. Hence EcoOnline offers the following System Sizing Guarantee: If you purchase a heating system and you took our calculators advice on panel sizing and you aren’t happy with the system's performance, then you can purchase up to 25% more panels originally supplied by EcoOnline up to two years after your original purchase and we will ship the items free of shipping charges.