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EcoOnline specializes in electrically efficient solar pool heater systems; we aim to evaluate, develop and promote only the greenest solar pool heating options with the lowest upfront costs, fastest payback times and best longevity, so that when you buy a system from us you can be confident that the product is guaranteed - to not only substantially reduce the carbon footprint, but also in most cases pay for itself due to our approach to energy efficiency. While still technically a "for profit" company, EcoOnline’s environmental emphasis means we're more passionate about getting the best environmentally responsible product to the consumer, at the lowest possible price, rather than a profits at all environmental cost approach.

Take a look around, even if you don't purchase from us our manuals and sizing calculators are free for (non-commercial) use and are generally applicable to most solar pool heating systems, and give valuable guidance to people installing their own diy solar pool heating kits.