Vertex System Uncovered Pool or Swim Spa Sizing Calculator    
    Installation and Swim Spa / Pool Details    
    Australian postcode location:    
    Roof pitch (or mounted collector pitch):    
    Compass direction of mounted collectors:    
    Pool or swim spa water surface area (m²):    
    Pump lift - from water level to top of panels(m):    
    Situational Modifiers    
    Your pools exposure to wind:    
    Shading on pool (between 10am-4pm):*    
    Local / Regional weather factors:    
    Indoor or Outdoor pool:    
    Roof type and colour:    
    Colour of pool walls and floor:   .
    Level of insulation around pool:    
    Ground distant from spa to mounted panels:    
    Budget and Expectations    
    Your season extension goals from solar:§    
    Additional solar blanket usage:    
    Your anticipated total season extension:    
    Vertex System Recommendations:    
    Performance+ collector panels required:    
    Solar powered pump kit required:    
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    Contact Details and System Specifics for Quote    
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    Name on quote:    
    Postcode for a quote on shipping:    
    Email address for quote:    
    Mobile number (in case):    
    System Specifics   .
    Above or below ground pool:    
    Suction line mounted relative to water level:    
    Length of suction line section above water level:    
    Pump mounted relative to water level:    
    Low point of return line relative to water level:    
    Roof hook set for mounting on tile roofs:    
    Wind terrain category (for roof hooks spacing):    
    Vertex System Type Recommendation:    
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